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HIGHWAY SONG (Rick Medlocke / Jackson Spires) Blackfoot Another day, another dollar After I sing and holler Oh it's my way of livin' and I can't change a thing Another town is drawing near Oh baby I wish you were here But the only way I can see you darlin' is in my dreams It's a highway song you sing it on and on on and on Yeah the hurt you leave behind Is the hurt that's on your mind Oh and last night suretook it's toll on me Well the city lights fly by me As I lay my body in my bed And dreams of you flash through my head It's a highway song you sing it on and on on and on Highway song it's as long as as the road I'm on Yes these big wheels are ready to roll We've been flyin' high I'm so low And all in all this madness Ain't as crazy as it seems Everywhere they stop and stare I'm just a stranger on this road I stand alone only in my dreams (repeat chorus)


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