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HIM, JIM, BILL AND ME (Dick Feller) Kenny Price - 1971 I was a stockin' headed stick horse and Him was a little boy And of all the things Him found to play with, I was Him's favorite toy We rode all over the big backyard and around the big oak tree And from the first day Him found Jim and Bill, it was Him, Jim, Bill and me I never knew from where they came or how they ever met Just all of a sudden there they were, just as close as friends can get We roped and rode and cussed and sang way out in the big backyard That's before Him's dad had the patio built and had the basketball court tarred I wanna tell ya it was wild in those days out by that big oak tree And they mighta lost the whole backyard if it wasn't for Him, Jim, Bill and me Then there was the day that the neighbour kids came and asked why they couldn't see They musta been meanin' Jim and Bill 'cause I know they saw Him and me Him said, "Why can't you see ol' Jim standin' by the side of me And Bill sleepin' yonder with his hat pulled down in the shade of that big oak tree" Of course the kids just laughed at first, but I knew they could see 'Cause pretty soon we were playin' together, the kids, Him, Jim, Bill and me Why I could tell ya o' many a day of keepin' the law in hand 'Cause on the other side of that big white fence was a Mexican borderland An Oklahoma territory, clear to the clothes line it spread Then New York City and Texas were divided by the flower bed One day we even chased some pirates across the Persian Sea And we whipped every one of 'em single handed, just Him, Jim, Bill and me But then the days grew far between that I'd answer Him's whistle call And after that one short summer, Him didn't even come at all Oh well, Him was a-gettin' a little heavy, I was losin' my mane So they put me to graze in this dusty ol' attic away from the wind and rain Now a silly mouse told me just last week that Him's a-goin' to a college school Now I don't know whether to believe it or not 'cause that mouse is kind of a fool What's that you say, Him's grown up now, why that could never be 'Cause the day that Him's really grown up, there'll be no more Jim, nor Bill, nor me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2018)


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