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HIROHITO'S LETTER TO HITLER (Carson J. Robison) Carson Robison - 1945 Dear Hitler, I'm writing this letter Hoping you'll get it somewhere I used to address you in Berlin But now there's no post office there I'm anxious to know how you're doin' And will it be much longer yet Till you send the help that you promised 'Cause I'm gonna need all I can get Your great intuition should tell you We'd better do something durn quick I think I hear ancestors laughing Oh Adolf, I really am sick You told me the yankees were lazy And all too complacent to fight You told me to strike at Pearl Harbor And we'd rule the World overnight But Yankees are very queer people And we don't know just what to do My soldiers call out, "Yanks Surrender!" And they yell right back, "Nertz to you!" There's one other problem that irks me It's known as the B-29 And what do they mean by the eight-ball They say they have got us behind Please pardon me asking these questions But I can't help wondering now If you stayed too long in that beer hall And miscalculated somehow You promised we'd meet in the White House And oh, how I dreamed of that hour But the Yanks had their own secret weapon They called it the Ike Eishenhower If I had just thirty years longer I think I could whip Chiang Kai-Shek But this man MacArthur annoys me Can't you take him off of my neck P.S., as you gaze in your crystal To learn what the future will be When Joe Stalin's face comes before you Find out how he feels about me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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