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HIS LIPS GET IN THE WAY The Shirelles Everybody tells me I'm A fool & I'm just wastin' time To love someone who's not in love with me Friends all say that I'm a dope To stay in love when there's no hope But I'm a dope who loves him hopelessly CHORUS: What can I do? Hey, what can I say? Each time I try to say goodbye His lips get in the way Oh yeah, his lips get in the way He says my love don't mean a thing But still he keeps me on a string I'm just someone he likes to have around I say I want no more of this But then he stops me with a kiss I can't resist him though he puts me down (chorus) Everybody calls me fool They say "Hey girl, go back to school & learn the things that every girl should know" But I guess I've got no brains Because my foolish heart remains I just can't break the chains & let him go, no no (chorus) (repeat title & fade)


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