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HIS WIFE REFUSED Album : The Catherine Wheel David Byrne A great big house- with nothing in it He comes home says "Now wait a minute" He's comin' in She's goin' out He turns around says, "What's that about?" Do what they like, the kid's in school Think she don't know, now, who's kidding who? He turns around says "Who wants to know?" Open the door and there's nobody home! Go ahead- fill their heads Go ahead- fill their heads with poison Take a look- these people are savages! Take a look- at their misfortune I'm goin up I got a message I'm gonna wait till I close the door I'm gonna wrap, myself in blankets I'm gonna, roll out, across the floor Well the bride bride and the groom Run in a circle around their house They're goin' out they're comin' in Inside a circle around their house These shoes don't fit- this tie don't match I'm gonna throw it away when I get home. I'm turned around I'm doin' my best I'm gonna wait until the light comes on. Yes he's the king and she's the queen Run in a circle around their house. Open the door and let them in Inside a circle around their house.


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