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HITLER'S LAST LETTER TO HIROHITO (Carson J. Robison) Carson Robison - 1945 I just got your note, Hirohito It reached me where I'm holeing in I don't have a Berlin post office In fact, there just ain't no Berlin My keen intution assures me The great super race will survive But please note this letter was written On April Fool's Day, forty-five So, if I should suffer reverses And frankly, I look for the worst I'll hike to my fort in the mountains If Himmler don't bump me off first There once was a time when I figured That I might hide out in Japan But recently I have concluded I'm much better off where I am You're just like that guy, Mussolini You told me you really were tough And then you start squawkin' your head off As soon as the goin' gets rough Why don't you review your great navy 'Twill boost your morale, I am sure Just borrow a suit from a diver And you should have an int'resting tour I notice you mentioned the White House And that durn near tore me in half Too bad I can't find Hermann Goering 'Cause he really needs a good laugh For many long years you've been itching To bring the Yanks down to their knees You say you hear ancestors laughing But I think you hear the Chinese That white horse that you ride so proudly You'd better teach him how to race You'll make a swell Lady Godiva 'Cause you're gonna lose more than your face P.S., I've cut off my moustache So Stalin won't know who is who I wish I could have my face lifted But I fear they might lift my neck, too (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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