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HITLER'S REPLY TO MUSSOLINI (Carson J. Robison) Carson Robison - 1942 Johnny Bond - 1942 (Recorded, but not issued) Dear Muss, the letter you wrote me Is the first laugh I've had in a year I read it to my old friend Goering And he darn near choked on his beer It's hard for me to be writing I've still got a very bad cold I lost my shirt west of Moscow That's quite a big town, I'm told I'll bet I've got Stalin all worried 'Cause he don't know where I am He's hunting me all over Russia And here I am back in Berlin I notice that you are complaining You're getting so many 'Bronx cheers' Don't blame this on my Gestapo You've had it coming for years I recall your brave War Declaration After France was laid on the shelf That's when the 'Bronx cheers' started I gave you a big one myself Then I recall how you boasted You'd give little Greece a smack And there you got caught with your neck out And you got your red ears pinned back The lack of parades must hurt you For I know how you love to strut And I'm sorry your wardrobe is shabby But we've all had to take a big cut However, I'm sending some leather And with it I give you this toast Reinforce the seat of your britches That's where you'll need it the most My promise to give you Great Britain Is a promise I'll never forget I've sent Rudolf Hess to get it But I haven't heard from him yet P.S., I'm sorry, old Mussy You didn't turn out so hot But you may be sure I'll release you Just as soon as I've grabbed all you got (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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