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HIT THE ROAD TO DREAMLAND (Harold Arlen / Johnny Mercer) Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy Also recorded by: Harold Arlen; Pearl Bailey; Paul Bernhardt; Boston Gay Men's Chorus; Richard Carr; Meredith d'Ambrosio; Dominique Eade; Adam Faith; Tal Farlow; The Four Lads; Golden Gate Quartet; Betty Hutton; Jack Jones; Cleo Laine; Nancy Lamott; Shari Lynn; Dean Martin; Mary Martin; Susannah McCorkle; Dave McKenna; Rod McKuen; Johnny Mercer; Jane Monhet; Mark Murphy; Tony Perkins; Dick Powell; Sauter-Finegan Orch.; Kim Scanlon; Connie Stevens; Ross Tomkins; Mel Tormé; Sarah Vaughan; Marlene Ver Planck; Margaret Whiting; John Williams; Tom Wopat. Both: Bye bye baby Time to hit the road to dreamland You're my baby Shirley: Dig you in the land of nod Both: Hold tight baby We'll be swinging up in dreamland All night baby Jack: Where the little cherubs trot Shirley: Look at that knocked out moon Been a-blowing his top in the blue Jack: Never saw the likes of you Both: Bye bye baby Time to hit the road to dreamland Don't cry baby It was divine but the rooster has finally crowed Jack: Time to hit the road Shirley: Bye bye baby (Bells) Jack: Bye bye baby Both: Well it was divine but the cuckoo has finally crowed Time to hit the road Time to hit the road Time to hit the road. (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - August 2005)


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