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HOKEY POKEY DIDDLE-DEE-RUM (Cliff Hess / Wendell Hall) Wendell Hall - 1926 Ernest Hare & Billy Jones - 1926 Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum Derby, that's where we came from It's a town way down in Tennessee Some folks think it's mighty slow Still it has it's push and go And it's plenty fast enough for me There was a man in Derby town as strong as any ox They say the reason was because he'd never change his.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, he never changed his mind He said I'm strong because I'm always drinking pickled brine The folks in Derby have their freedoms, though it may sound queer A man can step in anywhere and get a glass of.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, perhaps you think I lie But every man in Derby has a twinkle in his eye We have a dentist in our twon, for whom I'd like to vouch When he extracts your tooth, why all you do is holler.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, which proves as I have said The only painless dentist is a dentist who is dead I kicked a little dog one day, you should have heard him wail Where did I kick him, Sir, you say, oh thereby hangs a.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, oh thereby hangs a tail I kicked him without conscience and I kicked him without fail Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum As a town that makes things hum Derby takes the cookie every time Talk about your moneysworth There's no other place on earth You can have as much fun on a dime The circus came to Derby and I saw the old gi-raffe And when I saw the monkeys, why it really made me.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, I laugh, I tell you friend To see the doggone elephant with a tail upon each end We have a dog named Michael and he loves to bark at night But I am not afraid because a barking dog won't.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, I mean he wouldn't snap Why, every time he wags his tail, he gives himself a slap SPOKEN: HARE: Say, Bill, you know one thing. It appears to me that this song has a lot of words to it. JONES: Why, I don't mind that, Ernie. HARE: No? JONES: Say, Ernie, do you know I can sing two different voices, tenor and bass? Hare: Oh Bill, you can't sing bass. JONES: Yes I can sing bass, anytime I wanta. Why anytime I wanta, fact is, do you wanna hear me sing? HARE: Yeah, go ahead, Bill. JONES: Ha-ha, I don't wanta, Ernie. HARE: Ha-ha-ha-ha. Well, let's sing these other thousand choruses. JONES: Alright. In Derby, our police force says he never goes to bed So there's no fear of bandits hitting you upon the.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, which means in accents wild When you are held up, all you yell is "Fireman, save my child" There was a hen in Derby town that had a wooden leg One day we fed her sawdust and she laid a wooden.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, and so is your old man I never eat tomatoes 'til I first remove the can The boy stood on the burning deck, when all but he had fled A seagull laid a hard boiled agg and dropped it on his.... Hokey pokey diddle-dee-rum, red rivers, trees and sand Oh, mama, Johnnie's started singing, ain't the gravy grand (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2005)


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