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HOLD MY HAND From the London Musical Comedy "Hold My hand" (1931) (Music: Noel Gay / Lyrics: Desmond Carter) Jessie Matthews & Sonnie Hale (London Stage Production) - 1931 Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Orch. (vocal: Al Bowlly) - 1932 John Wood & Polly Ward (feat. in the film "Hold My Hand") - 1938 Robert Lindsay & Emma Thompson (feat. in the London Show "Me And My Girl") - 1984 Robert Lindsay & Maryann Plunkett (Broadway Production of "Me And My Girl") - 1986 Also recorded by: Greta Keller You require a lot of looking after That's one job in which I take pride You can always make me smile Make my journey soon worthwhile Why not keep me always at your side to guide you Hold my hand No matter what the weather Just you hold my hand We'll walk through life together For you'll find in me that kind of friend Who will see you through till the end So if you hold my hand We both shall walk more steadily For understand You broke my heart already In that dreamland where I have Planned That I shall hold your hand forever (Contributed by Sam "Boompa" Nova - October 2007) (Updated by Mel Priddle - August 2016)


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