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HOLD TO A DREAM (Tim O'Brien) New Grass Revival Laurie Lewis I'm happy to roam I can find my way To the moutains to the ocean foam If I had a map to show me the way To your heart dear, I'd follow it home Making my way through the dim lit streets Through the old town no place to go Wondering if the scene there in my mind Will slow down I miss you so Chorus Hold to a dream, follow it up and down Follow the sun, search the world around Hold to a dream, carry it close to me I'm frozen in time, you can only set me free The rain outside is beating down I'm here at home all alone We used to stay so warm inside On a night like this it chills my bones Chorus I'm missing you darling more and more I'm thinking, thinking of you Late at night I'm getting no sleep I'm dreaming, dreaming of you Chorus (Transcribed by Steve Gilmore - March 2003)


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