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HOLD YOUR MAN Title song from the film "Hold Your Man" (1933) (Lyrics: Arthur Freed / Music: Nacio Herb Brown) Jean Harlow (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 All women like to play the game of love But most women don't seem to know that game of love So, let me tell ya To be a little bit quite passez, that's no game to play There's just one way to hold your man Give him love that will mmm-mmm-mmmm With a kiss that will mmm-mmm-mmmm Hold him close to you with love's caress And lead him on to, to happiness With a sigh that will mmm-mmm-mmmm And then that thrill that will mmm-mmm-mmmm Close your drowsy eyes, drift to paradise Give him love and you'll hold your man (Contributed by Lou Rugani - THE MUSIC OF THE STARS (WLIP) - September 2014)


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