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HOLIDAY IN SPAIN Edmundo Ros - 1950s I’m very fond of London town, it’s true But in the winter, I’ll admit to you Whenever it’s a cold and foggy day I shiver and I feel inclined to say I’ll part with Piccadilly for any part of Chile For Leicester Square just give me Paraguay In Peckham I was paler, but not in Venezuela I want a land of sunshine and ole I’ll leave you Lord’s Pavillion For something more Brazilian South Kensington I’ll swap for the Sante Fe Though Hampstead’s cool and cleaner I’ll pass for Argentina I want a land of sunshine and ole With macheros, in their sombreros I will ride the burning pampas like a breeze Life will be sweeter with senoritas Who can bessame as mucho as they please The Thames and other trivia I’ll barter for Bolivia You have your Chelsea, I’ll have Uruguay I’ll trade you Potters Bar, sir, for Nicaragua, sir I want a land of sunshine and ole But I am joking, ‘though fog is choking I am a Londoner in spite of everything Winter weather can’t last forever And I want to be in London in the spring So, goodbye caballeros, thanks for your rancheros I’d rather be in Mayfair any day Now I haven’t any option, I’m a cockney by adoption So keep your land of sunshine and ole Goodbye caballeros, senoritas, campaneros Maybe sometime I’ll come for that holiday To your beautiful land of sunshine and ole


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