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HOLLYWOOD PARTY Title song from the film "Hollywood Party" (1934) (Music: Richard Rodgers / Lyrics: Lorenz Hart) Frances Williams & Female Chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1934 (Hello! Hello! HELLO!) Phones busy, we're dizzy It's that affair Why, he's going, she's going They're going there Put on your bib and tucker Put on your soup and fish I'm going, you're going This is our dish Hollywood Party Get up, get up, get in it Hollywood Party Oh, nobody sleeps tonight Bring along your girl Go home with someone else's Forget about your girl 'Cause she's gonna do all right We'll be kicking our heels up Till the roosters are crowing Bring the automobiles up Ev'rybody is going Hollywood Party Going a mile a minute Hollywood Party Nobody sleeps tonight (Hollywood Party) (Get up, get out, get in it) (Oh, Hollywood Party) (Nobody sleeps tonight) (Bring along your girl) (Go home with someone else's) (What about your girl) (She's gonna do all right) (We'll be kicking our heels up) (Till the rooster is crowing) (Bring the automobiles up) (Ev'rybody is going) (Hollywood Party) (Going a mile a minute) (Oh, Hollywood Party) (Nobody sleeps tonight) Come and wear your white tie, it's the right tie For tonight I meet you At that noisy, girlsy and boysy Hollywood Party All the minks and sables wines with labels Garbos, Gables greet you Taxi send us to a tremendous Hollywood Party All the girls wear ermine coats that they got from men But tomorrow, oh, they gotta give 'em back again So, let the laughter spring out, music ring out Satan sing out, "Yeah Man!" At that crashing, furniture-smashing Hollywood Party Get up! Get out! Get in it! Hollywood Party! Nobody sleeps tonight (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2011)


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