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HOME, JAMES Mel Tillis & Benny Joy Burl Ives I Received An Invitation To Her Party She Sent Her Love And Said Dress Formally Please Be Ready And Waiting At 7:00 And She Would Send Her Chauffeur Over After Me So I Had To Rent A Tux And Pink Carnation And I Showed Up Acting Socially But She Said She Hadn't Sent Me An Invitation And Everybody Had A Laugh On Me So I Said... CHORUS: HOME, JAMES HOME, JAMES Drive Me As Fast As You Can HOME, JAMES HOME, JAMES You Picked Up The Wrong Man! Riding Home I Felt So Disappointed I Was All Dressed Up To Have Myself A Time They Laughed And Joked And Cried Oh How Funny When They Found Her Lover's Name Was Just Like Mine So I Said... REPEAT CHORUS 2X. (Contributed by Garr Norick - January 2008)


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