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HOMESICK BLUES from 1949 New York musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" click here for tracks from the film version (Jule Styne (m) Leo Robin (l) 1949) Carol Channing Yvonne Adair Alice Pearce Jack McCauley Eric Brotherson & George S Irving (original cast) with Orchestra conducted by Milton Rosenstock I'm so homesick, And we're three thousand miles from Times Square. I hate cafe au lait, This town is tres louse, I'm Palace Vendome sick, Fall asleep at the Folies bergere. It's all a lot of chichi, I burp when I drink Vichy. Here's to Tin Pan alley, A Yankee rally, A show called "Sally", And notwithstanding Rand McNally, There's only one Broadway On the map of the USA! Let's tell our gang we're coming, Back to old-fashioned kisses and modern plumbing; I've got those "I'm so homesick" blues! I miss Marilyn Miller in "Sunny", Jolson down on one knee, Mary Garden and Gatti-Casazza, Lovely evenings at the Plaza. Watching a fighter like Dundy, Cheering for May Bundy, Nora Bayes in a bill at the Palace, Teddy Roosevelt's daughter alice. Theda Barra, Fiske O'Hara, Palais Royal, Standard Oil. Man O' War, Barrymore, Fritzi Scheff, Mutt and Jeff, Belmont Jack, Crackerjack! We've stayed away too long >From gals like Sophie Tucker, Texas Diamond won't be wrong with that greeting, "Hello sucker!". Here's to Valentino, The Park Casino, The big Bambino, The cigarettes called Melachrino. Give me that old mainstem And a song by the great George M. I feel my heart beat faster Any place in the neighbourhood of the Astor, I've got those "I'm so homesick" blues" (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2013)


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