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HOME TO MYSELF Melissa Manchester Dusty Springfield I wake up and see The lights of the day Shining on me Make my own time It's mine to spend Think to myself My own best friend It's not so bad all alone Coming home to myself Again. Now I understand Whatever I feel Is whoever I am Watching my life And how it has grown Looking on back To the things I have known And it's not so bad all alone Coming home to myself Again. It's not so bad To get lost in my tears And to laugh and to cry For the years gone by Oh my,oh my. Now somehow I know I've come a long way Gotta long way to go But something inside Is making me strong And in the bad times I'll get along Cuz,it's not so bad All alone coming home to myself again. I'm comin' home. (Transcribed by Machiel Bain - July 2002)


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