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HONEY IN THE HONEYCOMB >From the Broadway Show "Cabin In The Sky" (1940) (Music: Vernon Duke / Lyrics: John LaTouche) Katherine Dunham (Broadway Production) - 1940 Lena Horne (feat. in the film "Cabin In The Sky") - 1943 Ethel Waters (feat. in the film "Cabin In The Sky") - 1943 Barbara Lea - 1956 Ketty Lester (Off-Broadway Revival) - 1964 Also recorded by: Sylvia Syms; Curtis Fuller. What have I got that the others ain't That always seems to please T'ain't my perfume, nor my fancy paint But when I charm the men all swarm Just like they was bees There's honey in the honeycomb There's sugar in the cane There's oysters in a real oyster stew And bubbles in sweet Champagne There's jelly in the jellyroll And sap in ev'ry tree There's honey in the honeycomb And, Honey, there's love in me There's honey in the honeycomb There's nectar in the peach There's candy in a coconut shell And mussels on ev'ry beach There's money in the savings bank And I personally guarantee If there's honey in the honeycomb Then, Baby, there's love in me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2009)


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