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HOOSIER HOP, THE >From the film "It's A Great Life" (1929) (Music: Dave Dreyer / Lyrics: Ballard MacDonald) Rosetta & Vivian Duncan (Film Soundtrack) - 1929 The High Hatters (vocal: Frank Luther) - 1929 If you've ever been to Indiana You've seen the dance they do Cy, Sal, Zeke and Hannah Doin' it two-by-two Ah, when the music starts You grab a partner Swing 'em out on the floor Then full o' pep, they do a step Never been done before It's a hick step, but a slick step Called the Hoosier Hop It's the high school kids invented the thing Grown up folks caught onto the swing Nowadays it's quite a craze It's never going to stop Ev'ry single time the orchestra plays Go with the Hoosier Hop You'll see the sheiks and their charmers Hopping wherever you go Milkmaids are out with the farmers Everyone's doing it, so collegiate Better get it, you'll regret it For you're bound to flop If you don't show you know something about Doin' the Hoosier Hop (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2013)


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