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HOW COULD YOU BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAID I LOVED YOU, WHEN YOU KNOW I'VE BEEN A LIAR ALL MY LIFE ? Fred Astaire & Jane Powell Intro: Dialogue Fred: Oh yeah, yeah! Jane: You listen to me just once. Fred: Oh sure, sure! Jane: I told you a million times You never wanna listen to me Fred: So I said it. So you heard it So you're mad. So what? Jane: So this--It's the last time I ever Go to a party with you! Fred: Will you put that in writin'? Jane: Well you're always Makin' cracks Makin' cracks! Fred: Like what? Jane: You always humilate me, Humilate me. Didn't your mother never teach ya no manners? Fred: I ain't never had no mother. We was too poor. Jane: Say, what's the matter with you lately? You used to tell me you loved me. You used to treat me like a high-class dame. Well usen't ya? Fred: So I used. Jane: Oh, so there, you admit it. Fred: I ain't admittin' nothin'! Jane: I'll give ya one more chance. Do ya love me or don't ya? Fred: No I don't! Jane: Quit stallin'! I want a direct answer. Fred: Oh... Listen, kid, there's one thing about ya I can't understand--- Singing Fred: How could you believe me when I said I loved you When you know I've been a liar all my life? Jane: You've had that reputation Since you was a youth. Fred: You must've been insane To think I'd tell you the truth. Jane: How could I believe you When you said we'd marry? Fred: Why, you know I'd rather hang Than have a wife. I know I said I'd make you mine. Jane: Now wouldn't youse know That I would go for that old line? Fred: How could you believe me When I said I loved you When you know I've been a liar? Jane: You sure have been a liar. Fred: A double-crossin' liar. Jane: A double-crossin' liar. Fred: All my doggone cheatin' life? Jane: You said you would love me long. Fred: So what? Jane: And never would do me wrong. Fred: Stop bending the suit! Jane: Faithful you'd always be. Fred: Me? Why baby, you must be loony To trust a lower-than-low, two-timer like me. Jane: You said I'd have everything. Fred: Get her. Jane: A beautiful diamond ring. Fred: Ha ha ha. Jane: A bungalow by the sea. Fred: A bungalow yet. You're really naive to ever believe A full-of-baloney phony like me. Jane: Boy, I sure must've lost my head. Fred: You ain't lost nothin' you never had. Jane: What about the time you went to Indiana? Fred: I was lyin'. I was down in Ala...bam. Jane: You said you had some business You had to complete. Fred: What I was doin' I would be a cad to repeat. Jane: What about the evenin's You was with your mother? Fred: I was rompin' with another honey lamb. Jane: To think you swore Our love was real. Fred: Baby, leave us not forget That I'm a heel. Jane: How could I believe you When you said you loved me? Fred: When you know I've been a liar. Jane: A good-for-nothin' liar. Fred: All my good-for-nothin' life. -Dance Sequence- (While Dancing) Fred: Hey! Yee-hoo! Hey! Hey! (Jane starts kicking and hitting Fred while they continue to dance) Fred: Ooh! Ow! Ooh! Jane: You know you've been a liar. Fred: I know I've been a liar. Jane: A double-crossin' liar. Fred: A double-crossin' liar. Jane: All your good-for-nothin' life! (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - 2002)


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