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HOW DO YOU DO IT THAT WAY ? Album : The Victoria Spivey Recorded Legacy of The Blues (Reuben Floyd / Victoria Spivey) Victoria Spivey (with Louis Armstrong & Zutty Singleton) - 1929 Have you ever had a feeling that someone would come out leadin' you? If you had it's not so bad unless you found that it is all untrue Take a good girl to keep her man, some can't do it, others can I'm no chump but I would jump if I could find someone that's not unlike me too Oh when the river runs, flowers are bloomin' in May And if you get good business, how do you do it that way? Streetwalkin' women, they are happy and gay But I'm never happy, how do you get that way? I want a man to be near, because he bring good care But the men don't like me, they don't seem to care Now they can come and go, to and fro every day But I can't make 'em like me, how do you do it that way? Now if you want somethin' good, you mustn't knock on wood Just get a good man to look up under your hood And when the rooster and the hen go to the barn to play Oh the hen has chickens, how do they do it that way?


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