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HOW D'YA LIKE TO LOVE ME? from 1938 film "College Swing" ("Swing Teacher Swing" in UK) (Burton Lane (m) Frank Loesser (l) 1938) as recorded by Roy Fox & his Orchestra (vocal - Mary Lee) 1938 How d'you like to love me, how d'ya like it? How d'you like to love me, how d'ya like it? Could you kinda care? Could you learn to part your hair my way? How d'you like to love me, on the level? How d'you like to love me, like the devil? Would you be so kind As to keep me on your mind all day? I told my doctor, my lawyer, to see what they think, The moment they saw you, were they tickled pink! So how d'you like to love, and no other? How d'you like to drop in, meet my mother? How d'you like your toothbrush a-hangin' right alongside mine? How d'you like it, and as for me I'd like it fine! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2015)


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