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HOW FAR DOWN CAN I GO (Harlan Howard / Jerome Barney) Lrfty Frizzell - 1965 Porter Wagoner - 1966 Also recorded by: T. Tex Edwards & The Swingin' Kornflake Killers I've hurt all who love me, they don't understand That my life is out of control All that really matters is this bottle in my hand How far down can I go Tonight it's a bottle, tomorrow what then Anything that brings a happy glow Once I loved somebody, I wish I could again How far down can I go I'd steal a newsboy's dime for a small glass of wine My hands get to tremblin' so I brought many a tear to my Mama's eyes How far down can I go How far down can I go (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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