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HOW HIGH AM I? (Louis Jordan / Williams / Davis 1944) Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five recorded 1944 How high, how high am I? I won't be sober till the fourth o' July; Move all the buildin's and let me by! How high am I? Hey Richard, come on down here boy and open this door! What kind o' whisky is this? This whisky won't let you do nothin'! I ain't never felt that way before! All the world is apple pie, All the seas are ink, All the trees are dry bread and cheese, I'm thirsty, what am I gonna drink? Rum, whisky, rye and gin, Can't you tell what a fool I've bin? Bring out the doctor Richard, see the state I'm in! I'm higher than the sky, How high am I! I don't like liquor but I'm drunk every day, When they make liquor it just comes my way! Everything in the world happens to me, I drink black coffee and it tastes like tea! I feel like a feather but I'm yellin' like a hound, I would be a king, I just haven't got a crown! One more drink and I believe I'll drown! How high am I! Everybody's drinkin' scotch and soda, Hey boy, come 'ere, come 'ere, bring me a rum and coke! You know, I believe I will have to crawl home on my knees, And Jack, that ain't no joke! Rum, whisky, wine, beer and gin, Can't you tell what a fool I've bin? Come 'ere, come 'ere somebody, can't you see I'm sunk? How high am I? No, that's a lie, I'm drunk! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2016)


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