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HOW LONG CAN DISCO ON (Harry Nilsson / Ringo Starr) Harry Nilsson & Ringo Starr - 1980 Disco, Disco, slowly Disco, Disco, Discway You know, she go Disco She know, you know Reggae One night, it was a late night at the Disco Hello, hello Disco Closer, closer, Disco (Instrumental Break) DJ he play Reggae DJ he play Reggae I say, "Do you wanna dance Reggae?" She say, "Oh no! Disco" All night long they play the same old song Disco I'm on my own I'll sing along with Reggae Reggae, Reggae, slowly Slowly, slowly, it's lonely, slowly Slowly, it's lonely Slowly, lonely, Reggae's lonely It's so hard to get laid When they're all so afraid of Reggae Disco, Disco How long can Disco go on?


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