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HOW LONG Huddie Ledbetter Huddie Ledbetter How Long Trk 7 Disc 1 4:33 (Leroy Carr) Huddie Ledbetter, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee Recorded Washington DC, May 11, 1942 Huddie Ledbetter - vocal and guitar Sonny Terry - vocal and harmonica (high vibrato) Brownie Mcghee- vocal and guitar. Album: 'Lead Belly the Essential' Classic Blues CBL 200003 Baby, how long Baby how long Have that ev'nin train been gone Baby, how long, how long, baby how long Hear it was so Can't see no train But deep in my heart I feel and achin' pain And that's a-how long, how long, babe how long Into the station Look up at the board Next train around Strawberry Road How long, how, woo, baby how long 'make it wail ev'rybody' 'yeah, so sweet' Down atta station With my head hung down Lookin' at my sugar, when she leave this town Baby, how long, how long, baby how long I ain't got no money Buy a ticket on a train But I'll ride de blinds, baby Be back home, again Well, how long, how long, baby how long See me comin' Gon get some plow work *I'll cut your liver Plug your heartache Been so long, woo swoo, baby how long 'Sonny, wail about it' Feelin' bad, I'm lookin' sad Thinkin' bout the bad luck, Sonny I once have had But how long, how long, honey how long See the green grass, growin' on a hill Never seen no green grass on a dollar bill How long, how long, baby how long Lower you, baby To a hollow tree Way you treat me Come back to you Hoo, low, hoo, woo, baby gone 'Make it wail ev'rybody, now' Feel so disgusted, I feel so blue Sometimes Sonny, I don't know What in the world I'm gonna do Now, how long, how long, yeah how long See that little house, sitting on the hill You don't love me, goin try another who will How long, how long baby, how long See my baby, tell her I'll be runnin' home I've been worried, ever since she been gone How long, how, woo, baby how long 'Love to see ya' 'Play for me, now' (harmonica & guitar to end) ~ *poss. from Blind Boy Fuller song 'Little Woman You're So Sweet' (Transcriber: Awcantor - March 2008)


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