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HOW LOVELY TO BE A WOMAN (Strouse / Adams) as recorded by Ann-Margret 1962 How lovely to be a woman, The wait was well worthwhile! How lovely to wear mascara And smile a woman's smile. How lovely to have a figure That's round instead of flat; Whenever you hear boys whistle, You're what they're whistling at! It's wonderful to feel The things a woman feels, It gives you such a glow Just to know You're wearing lipstick and heels! How lovely to be a woman And have one job to do, To pick out a boy and train him, And then when you are through, You've made him a man you want him to be; How lovely to be a woman like me! How wonderful to know The things a woman knows, It's marvellous to wait For the date In simply beautiful clothes! How lovely to be a woman And change from boys to men! To go to a fancy nightclub And stay out after ten. How lovely to be so grownup and free; Life's lovely when you're a woman like me, Like me, Like me, Like me, Little me... (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2018)


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