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HOW TO BECOME A COUNTRY STAR (Don Reid / Harold Reid) The Statler Brothers - 1978 There's questions we're always hearing everywhere we go Like how do I cut a record or get on a country show Well it takes more than just ambition and three chords on an old guitar There's a few more things you oughta learn to be a country star You gotta learn to sing like Waylon or pick like Jerry Reed Yodel like Jeannie Shepard, write songs like Tom T Put a cry in your voice like Haggard, learn Spanish like Johnny R Whisper like Bill Anderson and you'll be a country star Play piano like Ronnie Milsap or Gilley or Jerry Lee Yo-Yo like Roy Acuff or talk plain like Ralph Emery Growl like Conway Twitty, get a red white and blue guitar Build a swimming pool like Webb did and you'll be a country star Be tall like Sonny James is, tell jokes like Minnie Perl Or be short like Jimmy Dickens or play five string like Earl Get a headband like Willie's, learn to stutter like M-Mel Get a cap like Roy Clark wore or a voice like Barbara Mandrell Be rich like Eddy Arnold, say you're making more than you are Get a gimmick like Charley Pride got and you'll be a country star But if you have no talent and if you're not a male If you're built somewhat like Dolly or have a face like Crystal Gayle Come backstage and ask for Harold, Phil, Don or Lew And we'll see you get auditioned for the Statler Brothers Revue (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2013)


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