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HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR (Hank Snow) Hank Snow - 1955 Now if you wanna get in trouble, I'll tell you how to do it You get a guitar and then you're into it You play all day and you play all night And the folks say he'll never learn to play that thing right Always griping, won't let you practice I bought my guitar some time ago And the man said I'd learn in a week or so He gave me a book and a pick or two And said, "Now, Hank, it's up to you," the dirty dog Cost me four ninety-five too, wish I could find him now (Instrumental Break) Well, nevertheless I'd spent my dough And I couldn't let it go to waste, you know So I took that book, guitar and all And I went back home where the trees were tall Way down in Tennessee A good place to be when you got a guitar Then for weeks and weeks I laboured hard Tryin' to learn a few main chords The book said it's easy as ABC But brother, my fingers they was killin' me Got sore right on the end Couldn't press down the strings, felt disgusted (Instrumental Break) But I kept on a playin' with all my might I could see Ma's hair was a-turnin' white Her face was lined with discontent And she said her patience was almost spent Felt nervous, ears ringin' Wanted to scream or scram, I don't know which Now, my sister she took it the worst of all 'Cause she got married that comin' Fall She said for love, but I have my doubts I think the guitar just chased her out But she wouldn't admit it, game girl like Just couldn't take it, that's all (Instrumental Break) Now my old man, he took it a different way He said you may turn your Ma's hair grey And drive your sister away from home But, son, either you or I's gonna start to roam And I'm not leavin', never intend to Now you figure it out for yourself So the very next day when my clothes was all packed I swung my guitar across my back And I caught myself a long freight train To search the world for my share of fame But all I found was hardships, heartaches or handouts (Instrumental Break) Fellas, you'd better leave them guitars alone! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2013)


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