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HOY, HOY (Little Feat) Little Feat Back door sliders, narrow escapes busted gray wall, greasy embrace finances ailing, crawlin' down the rain slicked alleys, ain't no escape in this town blood on the stone, blood on the rock consumed with the passion, that only time could unlock one life wasted, another one gone the streets are on fire, and I'm calling you home hoy hoy hoy hoy don't go there boy juanita's daughter got her kicks in the streets and her mama's warning "you better duck the heat" she's got a concrete body with candy cane hair razor balde business appearin' out of thin air stars fallin' down, snow on the ground chasin' the dragons all over the town the dream catcher's wagon, lurkin' to loom a one dance ducka, you know he's workin' the room hoy hoy hoy hoy don't go there boy preacher's on the corner wrapped in a heavenly light but noise of the chopper drowns the message tonight he says "you saucy senoritas take care where you swing cause the lords of the boulevard don't owe you a thing." hoy hoy hoy hoy don't go there boy hoy hoy hoy hoy hoy hoy hoy hoy (Contributed by =Ae= - December 2008)


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