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HUCKLEBERRY FINN (Sam. M. Lewis / Joe Young / Cliff Hess, 1917) There was a rascal, in the town where I came from; The people thought that he was dumb, Because he couldn't do a sum. That's why they nicknamed him, "Huckleberry Finn;" But he believed in fun, laughed at every one; How I wish I were him. They tried to teach him how to do arithmetic; But he just whittled on a stick, And said the figures made him sick. "Add-in' and countin', don't mean a thing to me; When I begin to earn, Then I'll start to learn, How to count it," said he. Huckleberry Finn, If I were Huckleberry Finn; I'd do the things he did, I'd be a kid again. You'd always find me out fishin', beside a shady pool; Wishin', there never was a school; If I were only, Huckleberry Finn, In every mischief I'd be in; And on my freckled face you'd always find a grin. I wouldn't put my shoes or stockings on for any man; And all I'd ever wear would be a coat of tan; If I were Huckleberry Finn.


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