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HULA LOU (Edward Grossmith / Ted D. Ward, 1916) I'm leaving town today I'm going far away To that land of "Heart's Desire" Fair Hawaii Do you wonder why I'm gay Where somebody waits for me. And where it's sunny as can be. I know I'll never leave again, never grieve again there beside the sea. Just picture all those scenes those pretty tropic greens where most every one adores you nothing bores you Life is just a happy dream from the rising of the sun. Until the joyous day is done That's what the poets rave about Poets crave about Golden days each one. Hula Lou yes I'm coming right back to you, My Hula Lou with a heart that is fond and true Oh how I'm sighin' love for your undyin' love That sweet Hawaiian love has won my heart away Soon I'll be where that ukelele melody keeps ringing plaintively On the shores of the Lanai And when the stars are bright out in the pale moonlight we'll do the Hula, Hula, Hula Lou.


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