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HUM-DRUM BLUES Oscar Brown Jr as rec by Marion Montgomery w orch cond by Dave Cavanaugh August 1963 Hollywood also rec by Abbey Lincoln '59 life can be mighty monotonous, We're always battlin' boredom; Where, tell me where has it gotten us? Everything's still so doggone hum-drum! Stuck in a rut, gettin' nowhere fast! Mmmm-mmm, I got the hum-drum blues! Fightin' the future and mad at the past! Mmmm-mmm, I got the hum-drum blues! Ooh honey, When you ain't got money, Then you just can't do as you choose; Just gotta live with the hum-drum blues! Don't know which way I'm goin', I don't know which way I come from? Rainin', a shine or a-snowin', Everything's so doggone hum-drum! Love me honey, I wish you would! Uh-huh, I got the hum-drum blues! Sure would do me a world o' good, 'Cause I've got the blues! Oooh baby, If you love me, maybe we could get together and lose These mean old, mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm, a-humdrum blues! A-ha-ha-ha-ha, I got the hum-drum blues, Hum-drum blues! (Contributed by Peter Akers - June 2009)


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