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HURRY HOME (Meyer / Bernier / Emmerich) recorded by - Ambrose & his Orchestra (vocal - Denny Dennis) 1934 Benny Goodman & his Orchestra (vocal - Martha Tilton) 1939 as recorded by Ambrose I had to call you on the phone, Because I feel so all alone. Don't like this being on my own, Can't you, won't you hurry home? I leave the door unlocked, in case Like me, you find you're out of place. I'd give the world to see your face, Can't you, won't you hurry home? I've learned a lot that I didn't know, I was a fool when I let you go. Since you've been gone, it's all very clear, Life is just an empty thing without you, dear! I made an awfully big mistake, Oh what a difference love can make! Please give my heart another break, Darlin', won't you hurry home? (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2016)


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