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HUSH MONEY Uncle Jim O'Neal Morris Herbert with J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers, The Collins Kids. My Girlfriend's Little Sister Is Clever As Can Be And What Her Little Heart Desires She Always Gets From Me We Go To The Movies On A Saturday Night And Then She Cuddles Kinda Close When They Turn Out The Light CHORUS #1: I Want Some HUSH MONEY Or Daddy's Gonna Know About You Kissin' Sister In That Movie Show I Want Some HUSH MONEY To Buy A Chocolate Cone Or I'll Stay In The Parlor When You Take Sister Home We Were Sittin' In The Porch Swing Just The Other Night My Girlfriend Said She Loved Me And Then I Squeezed Her Tight We Thought We Were Alone Except For The Moon But Here Comes Her Little Sister With Her Little Money Tune CHORUS #2: I Want Some HUSH MONEY To Buy Myself a Bike Or I'm A-Tellin' Daddy What I Saw Tonight I Want Some HUSH MONEY Or I'm A-Gonna Tell I Saw You Kissin' Sister Down By The Well (Instrumental Break) We Were Parked By The Roadside A Short Way From Home I Asked Her To Marry Me We Thought We Were Alone She Told Me That She Loved Me Said She'd Be My Wife Then Here Come Her Little Sister A-Ridin' On Her Bike LAST CHORUS: Now Give Me HUSH MONEY To Be My Brother-In-Law Or I'm A-Tellin' Daddy Everything I Saw Now Give Me HUSH MONEY And Everything's O.K. You See, I'm Just A Baby And I Always Get My Way. (Contributed by Garr Norick - June 2009)


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