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HUSH YOUR MOUTH Bo Diddley - 1958 Oh (hush your mouth!) Oh (hush your mouth!) Hey little baby don't you cry, mama gonna drop around Hey little baby don't say a word, mama gonna whoop you 'bout somethin' you heard Oh (hush your mouth!) Oh (hush your mouth!) Mama gonna buy you a diamond ring, if that diamond ring's brass, mama gonna buy a lookin' glass If that lookin' glass is broke, mama gonna buy a horse and coach If that horse and coach turn over, mama gonna buy you a dog named Rover Oh (hush your mouth!) Oh (hush your mouth!) Oh (hush your mouth!) Oh (Hush your mouth!) A coonskin alligator hide, make into shoes baby, jus' like mine Don't be scared to put 'em on your feet, scared 'bout me, jus' can't be beat Hush your mouth! Hush your mouth!


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