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I AIN'T GETTIN' ANY YOUNGER Benny Carter (m) Banson (l) as rec by Anita O'Day w Orch cond by Benny Carter 1947/8 I tell you that I love you And say let's set a date; You tell me that you want to, But first I gotta wait! I talk of orange blossoms And walkin' down the aisle, You always try to tell me That somethin's out of style, But I ain't gettin' any younger, I ain't gonna wait too long! I talk about a future And the house we'll have some day, You tell me you'll afford But there'll be a slight delay! Don't try to keep me guessin' By sayin' yes or no, I'm tired of all the stallin' And I might just up and go! 'Cause I ain't gettin' any younger And I ain't gonna wait too long! Now insurance records prove that Most anybody's life will be a little longer With a husband or a wife. Won't you hurry up and ask me To be your weddin' mate? 'Cause baby, you won't live long If you procrastinate! I ain't gettin' any younger And I ain't gonna wait too long! Now I don't believe in rushin' Or doin' things in haste, But too much hesitatin' Let's a good thing go to waste! 'Cause I'm a flame that's fadin', So be a good boy scout, Unless you do some fannin', My flame is goin' out! Ain't gettin' any younger, Ain't gonna live for long! You say that you're not ready To settle down with one, But if you keep postponin' You may end up with none! So better make your mind up, 'Cause time is goin' on, And though I'm called a real gone-down, I'll soon be really gone! Ain't gettin' any younger, And I'd rather die of hunger Than be without a man! And I ain't gonna faint from waitin' too long! (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2010)


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