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I AIN'T GOT NOBODY TO LOVE (Music: Abner Silver / Lyrics: Sam Coslow) Lee Morse - December 13th 1924 Vaughan DeLeath - December 22nd 1924 The Goofus Five - 1925 The Tennessee Tooters - January 23rd 1925 Aileen Stanley - January 30th 1925 The Golden Gate Orch. - February 16th 1925 Nathan Glantz & His Orch. - February 16th 1925 Glen Oswald Serenaders - March 2nd 1925 The California Ramblers - October 27th 1925 As recorded by AILEEN STANLEY: People think I was born With a silver spoon in my mouth People who say that's true Don't know what they're talking about I'll admit I've had most ev'rything Any living soul could boast But the only thing I've never had Was what I wanted the most I've got a dog and a cat And not only that, a nice cosy flat But I ain't got nobody to love I've got a nice comfy Morris chair too I bought it brand new, but what can I do When I ain't got nobody to love I seem to see my senses slippin' away Believe me, I keep growing older each day Hear what I say I've lots of kisses to taste But now I'm afraid they're going to waste 'Cause I ain't got nobody to love (Orchestral Interlude) Believe me, those who know will tell you I'm nice No foolin', I'm no bargain, but I'm worth the price Take my advice Each night I burn incense at home But incense is nonsense when you're alone Gee, I ain't got nobody to love (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2013)


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