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I AIN'T GOT NO HEART (Frank Zappa) Recorded by : Ambrose Slade; Band From Utopia; Mothers Of Invention; The Muffin Men; Frank Zappa. Ain't got no heart I ain't got no heart to give away I sit and laugh at fools in love There ain't no such thing as love No angels singing up above today Girl I don't believe Girl I don't believe in what you say You say your heart is only mine I say to you, You must be blind, What makes you think that you're so fine That I would throw away the groovy life I lead 'Cause baby, what you've got yeah It sure ain't what I need Girl you better go Girl you'd better go away I think that life with you would be Just not quite the thing for me Why is it so hard to see my way? Why should I be stuck with you It's just not what I want to do Why should an embrace or two Make me such a part of you I ain't got no heart to give away!


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