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I BELIEVE Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne featured by Frank Sinatra in the film "It Happened in Brooklyn". Verse: Wishes and hopes are the tiny silk ropes to which we attach our dreams. Tie up a few and I'm certain that you will begin to achieve your schemes. When all the world is set ag'in ya, from deep within ya a voice will say: "Look for the spark of your faith in the dark and that spark will light up your way" Chorus: I believe, I believe, I believe in wishing wells - And I also believe in a lot of things, things the daisy tells. I believe, I believe that a four-leaf clover brings, Lots of luck, lots of joy, lots of happiness, I believe those things. And when it's Christmas I believe in Santa Claus, Why do I believe? I guess I believe because I believe, I believe, I believe that dreams come true. If you'll wish for the dream by a wishing well, Don't tell the wish or you'll break the spell. It may sound naive, but that's what I believe. Copyright 1947 Published by Edwin H Morris & Co Ltd, 14 George Street, London, W1 (Contributed by Paul Daniel - July 2009)


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