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I BELONG TO YOUR HEART (Carl Sigman / Jacques Brel) as recorded by Sam Cooke 1960 I belong to your heart, You alone can possess me, No-one else can caress me, I belong to your heart! I belong to your heart With devotion, and seeing Every part of my being Is a part of your heart! And when you reach out for me, Your two arms are a magnet, And I'm caught in the dragnet; Oh, but who wants to be free? And when you kiss me, I know That for now and all time, I just have to be yours, my love, You just have to be mine! I belong to your heart, Like the sun to the day, Like the stars to the night, I belong to your heart, oh! As I kneel at your throne, Say you'll love me alone; Let me hear from your heart, my love, That I belong! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2018)


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