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I BLEW A LITTLE BLAST ON MY WHISTLE (George Formby) George Formby recorded March 4th 1938 Now when I was a boy, Me mother's pride and joy, She gave me a whistle, this is it, And no matter where I go, Band Of Hope or picture show, Me little whistle always makes a hit! It's been a pal to me, It's as easy as can be, And to blow it doesn't use up any gristle. A lady came to tea, And when she smiled at me, Well, I blew a little blast on me whistle! I've been to London too, Leicester Square and to the zoo, In the tube and even down The Strand, But no matter where I went, I had no accident, I always had me whistle in me hand! But once, near Waterloo, A near squeak it's true, I trembles and me hair, it seemed to bristle. A lady smiles and stopped, And then she nearly dropped When I blew a little blast on me whistle! When in a country lane, While sheltering from the rain, I soon found out that I was not alone. I heard a sound like this, (kiss) It must have been a kiss, Two lovers thinking they were on their own. They carried in disgraceful, I went all goosy-like, But when the lady shouted, "Stop it Cecil!", I took it for a hint And I had a little squint, And I couldn't blow a blast on me whistle! Ah well, I'm married now, And I really don't know how To tell you of the news that came today. I've a little son and heir, Yes one, no not a pair! No wonder that I'm feeling bright and gay! I'm feeling very proud, But I mustn't talk so loud, I've been celebrating in The Rose And Thistle. He's a lovely little kid, And the first thing that he did Was to blow a little blast on his whistle! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2018)


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