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I BOUGHT A WOODEN WHISTLE Jimmy Dorsey (m) Rochillman (l) 1940 Helen O'Connell w Jimmy Dorsey & his Orch rec Dec 9th 1940 New York When I was just a little child, I wistfully wished for a whistle; One that's loud and shrill, you know, Like policemen blow! I saved up every cent I got And finally went for the whistle, But in my haste to buy it, I forgot to try it! I bought a wooden whistle, it wouldn't whistle! Darned wouldn't whistle, just wouldn't blow! Bought a wooden whistle, it wouldn't whistle! What the trouble was I'll never know. Told the clerk It wouldn't work, "Wanna whistle which'll whistle!", says I. "There's Willie, his'll whistle! This whistle is a fizzle!". He just said, "I'm sorry, goodbye!". So I took the wooden whistle that woudn't whistle, Sadly I wandered out of the store; Said, "Instead of cryin, I'll keep a-tryin', Doggone it, I'll blow some more!". She bought a wooden whistle, it wouldn't whistle! Must have been a breaker, there's no doubt! For well we know How it feels to blow And have nothin' come out! I blew, and blew, But not a sound could I make! I blew, and blew, I thought my heart would break! It wasn't very funny To spend my money, And only get a pain in the head! I broke the wooden whistle that wouldn't whistle, I'm singin' the blues instead! (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2010)


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