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I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE (Bacon) Max Bacon - 1938 There's a certain fellow what everybody knows He is such a funny fellow Ven he vent to school, he must have specialised To become a clever seller If you ever happen to be near Why it's ten-to-one he'll visper in your ear Oh, if you want a suit that's nifty Don't pay sixty bob or fifty I can get it for you wholesale If your thinking about marriage Don't you buy a baby's carriage I can get it for you wholesale I can get you anything you want if you'll agree And I guarantee that you'll almost buy it free Say, if you need an operation Doctor Brad is my relation I can get it for you wholesale Yes, anything you want fron corn flakes to corsets I can get it for you at tradesmen's prices Why, there's a friend of mine who goes into holy padlock Not so long ago lately So, when I hear he's getting marriage I gets for him a specially cheap ring and a second-hand licence And I fixes up the furniture for the house, all brand new antiques Then I don't see him for maybe a year And he comes back and he says, "Max" he says "My Wife is suspecting a blessed event" Well, I'll be, blessed I says, good luck to you Now, you leave it to me, I can get for you everything wholesale So, I fixes up for him the eternity home and I gets a nurse cut price And I do everything for him so cheap He was obsolutely flagger...flabber...fla.....he couldn't say a word So what happens, his wife goes and has triplets You see, three for the price of one Oh, if you want to gain some knowledge Mention me to any college I can get it for you wholesale Ir-riddee-diddee-diddee-rye When they want your income taxes Tell them you're a friend of Maxies I can get it for you wholesale You go to a cabaret to see a petticoat For a kiss you give a girl a twenty shilling note Say, if you want to get some kisses Come with me and meet the Missus I can get it for you wholesale Hoo-Hah (Hey!) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2015)


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