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I CAN'T BE BOTHERED NOW fr "A Damsel In Distress" 1937 film sb Fred Astaire w Orch cond by Victor Baravelle George Gershwin (m) Ira Gershwin (l) 1937 Fred Astaire (film soundtrack) also rec by- Fred Astaire w Ray Noble & his Orch '37 Chris Connor '57 Ella Fitzgerald w Nelson Riddle & his Orch '58 Bad news go 'way, Call round some day, In March or May, I can't be bothered now! My bonds and shares May fall downstairs; Who cares, who cares? I'm dancing and I can't be bothered now! I'm up among the stars, On earthly things I frown, I'm throwing off the bars That held me down! I'll pay the piper When times are riper; Just now I shan't Because you see I'm dancing and I can't be bothered now! (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2010)


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