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I CAN'T BREAK THE HABIT OF YOU Charlie Beal / Andy Razaf as recorded by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm February 22nd 1937 New York Say, I can't break the habit of you, Can't shake the habit of you, The moment you were in my arms, dear, I knew I was the victim of your charms! I lost all my resistance, it seems, Can't keep you out of my dreams! Oh, your magic is tragic, I'm goin' crazy, You really got the best of me! I love ya baby, what can I do? Oh I can't break the habit of you! (yes! ha-ha!) (oh baby, stop that, yeah!) (what shall I do?) (oh stop that, you're makin' a habit of the thing!) (oh lover girl lover girl, hmm-hmm!) (what? no baby, huh-huh!) (no, use the habit! no no, er, no, you jealous?) (ha-ha, don't worry 'bout that, just lay like you did!) (ha-ha, yes, hmm!) (yes, old Smith thinks he's smart, yes!) (ha-ha-ha-ha, I'm a-settin' right up on there! I'm gonna show you how smart it is, come on, blitz!) Oh, the magic is tragic, you're drivin' me crazy, Baby, you really got the best of me! (but that ain't smart, see!) (ha-ha, I'n no xxxxx, you don't love him!) I can't break the habit of you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2012)


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