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I CAN'T GET STARTED (Duke / Gershwin) Bunny Berigan I've flown around the world in a plane I've settled revolutions in Spain And the North Pole I have charted Still I can't get started with you On the golf course, I'm under par Metro Goldwyn have asked me to star I've got a house, a showplace Still I can't get no place with you 'Cause you're so supreme Lyrics I write of you, I dream Dream day and night of you And I scheme just for the sight of you Baby, what good does it do? I've been consulted by Franklin D Greta Garbo has had me to tea Still I'm broken-hearted 'Cause I can't get started with you ******** As recorded by Frank Sinatra I'm a glum's explainable...I met's a bore...the world is my more..... All the papers...where I led the news...with my will spread the news..."Superman...Turns Out To Be 'Flash In The Pan'"..... I've flown around the world in a plane...designed the latest IBM brain...but lately...I'm so downhearted...'cause I can't get started...with you..... In Cincinnati...or in Rangoon...I simply smile...and all the gals swoon...their whims I've more than just charted...but I can't get started with you..... Oh, tell me I no kick to you?...I...who'd always stick to through thin and thick to you...tell me...why I'm taboo?..... Each time I chance to see Franklin D. ... he always said, "Hi, buddy," to me...and with queens...I've a la carted...but I can't get started...with you..... (Transcribed by Richard W. Mills - October 2011)


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