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I CAN'T GET STARTED WITH YOU Ira Gershwin/Vernon Duke I've flown around the world in a plane I've settled revolutions in Spain The North Pole I have charted but can't get started with you Around a golf course I'm under par And all the movies want me to star I've got a house, a showplace, but I get no place with you You're so supreme, lyrics I write of you Scheme just for a sight of you Dream both day and night of you, And what good does it do? In nineteen twenty nine I sold short In England I'm presented at court But you've got me down-hearted 'cause I can't get started with you I do a hundred yards in ten flat The Prince of Wales has copied my hat With queens I've a la carted but can't get started with you The leading tailors follow my styles And toothpaste ads all feature my smiles The Astorbilts I visit, but say what is it with you? When we first met, how you elated me. Pet, you devastated me. Yet, now you've deflated me- 'Til you're my Waterloo I've sold my kisses at a bazaar And after me they've named a cigar But lately how I've smarted, 'cause I can't get started with you (Contributed by David Prouty - April 2008)


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