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I CAN'T QUIT HER (Al Kooper / I. Levine) Blood, Sweat, & Tears I can't quit her She's got a hold on me She got her hand on my soul I can't quit her 'cause I see her face everywhere I go In the city streets, in the country fields In the back of my mind I know it can't be real For a woman to possess all the tenderness she had But the hands of time keep tickin' on my back 'cause it's been so long since I had her back beside me, Yeah, I know I can't quit her 'cause on my darkest night she comes on like a light I can't quite her Try as I may, with all my might She had a woman's touch And a young girls eyes, and in seconds flat I was pros'lytized turned around, and made to feel sweet love But the hands of time Keep tickin' on my back 'cause it's been so long since I had her back beside me True love is somethin' ev'ry young boy knows about and he fights his whole soul all the best to find some I was a young boy 'till I held her in my arms now I find that I'm strung out behind some I can't quit her She got her hand on me she got a hold on my soul 'cause I your face everywhere I go I can't quit her, woo ooo yeah I know You know I see your face Everywhere I go! I need her...I need the little girl (Backwards Guitar Solo) (Horns until fade)


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