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I CAN'T SEE YOU Album: Tim Buckley (1966) (Written by Becket / Buckley) Tim Buckley Summer princess, midnight maiden When I first saw you I just breathed Into your smile my past went fadin' Inside your voice, my mind was sheathed In lost lagoon, we waited, wadin' Along the streets we went paradin' Never looking back to where we'd been Autumn temptress, sundown angel Inside your blood you aren't so young I came to you a loving vandal And heard your heart and touched your tongue Day became a lighted candle Sky fell down beneath your sandal In your eye I began to spin Winter harlot, moontime lover I can't speak when I feel this way Don't keep your feelings undercover Tell me what you want today Don't leave me in the air to hover Sing it out don't make me suffer Don't be ashamed love is no sin Springtime woman, sunrise girl I am hiding behind the sea Trick or treat, the Hallowe'en world Hide and seek but you can't catch me I won't chase you until you hurl Your wing to me, and make me twirl You're alive underneath my skin (Contributed by Sören Sjögren - February 2003)


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